Tank Accessories

fishtank-accessoriesFor tank there are so many types of items are available in the market. It’s your decision that which one or how many you want to use according to your aquarium needs. These include filters, lighting, heaters, thermometers and decorators like plants and gravels.

Tank Accessories

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Filters & Filter Media

Filter is used to clean up the water that keep the fishes healthy. Filter is also necessary for the health of the aquarium. Filter media is used in filter to change the quality of the water. Basically, there are 3 types of filter media:

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  • Mechanical- It filters the solid particle from the water.
  • Biological- It filters the bacteria from the water.
  • Chemical- It filters the chemicals like chlorine or any impurities from the water.[/su_list]

Lighting & Hoods

Lighting include LED, bulbs, glass top, hood,etc items for your aquarium. Lighting is important for your fish and also for some type of decoration.

Heaters & Thermometers

Heater is used to maintain the temperature of the aquarium so that your fish can stay there comfortably. Thermometers are used for measuring the temperature of the aquarium and so that you can maintain the heater’s temperature according to that.

Water Care & Conditioning

Water care & conditioning products are used for cleaning up the water and maintaining the water quality.


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Gravels give your aquarium the look like your fish is in the ocean or some sea and it can also act as a decorator.


Plants are very useful for your aquarium as it act as a decorator and also very useful for aquarium. If you want for decoration you can add artificial plants.



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Tank Accessories Brands

For Fish care accessories there are so many brands in the market and choosing a good brand is also a important decision for caring for your fish. So here is a list of the top and most popular fish care brands. Know More