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Best Under Tank Heater Reviews

Best Under Tank Heater

If you own an aquarium then it is very important to use an under tank water heater. This is because there are many types of reptiles and marine animals that cannot survive in the cold water.

However, in summers the things can work well but if you live in an extremely cold area then the heater is a must for your aquarium. 

Very low temperature is not good for the health of your fish and plants. They feel a high-level of stress at low temperature and can also die quickly.

So it's best to do have something to handle that kind of climate.

One of the best and most effective methods of warming up the water tank is to under the tank heater. In this informative guide, we are giving you the information about the top 5 best under tank heaters available in the market.

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Do you really need a heater for your aquarium?

When do you need an under tank heater?

Below are the top 5 Under Tank Heaters Reviewed

1. Zoo Med Medium Repti-Therm UTH Under Tank Heater


  • This is the perfect under tank heater for providing the optimal level of heat to reptiles, amphibians, plant terrariums, and small animals.
  • It comes with the safest and most accurate nichrome heating element.
  • This under tank heater gives a 1-year warranty.
  • It is highly durable and sturdy as it is properly laboratory tested and approved product.
  • For making use and installation easy for users, it also comes with a detailed 8-page instruction book.


  • Users have complained that heating mats get hot very quickly that makes it a very risk heater.
  • It usually drops off after the use of 4 to 6 months.

This under tank heater is the best one for your terrarium. It gives your reptiles the most appropriate temperature to be used as primary heat source as well as secondary heat source.

They work well on consistently 24x7. It is UL/UCL approved and contains a solid nichrome element for perfect heating.

Surely, this one is the best seller on because of its features in such cheap cost. This heater is compatible with all tropical and temperate reptile species.

2. Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Mats


  • It helps reptiles’ thromo-regulate for daily activity, appetite and metabolism.
  • It comes with very easy to use mounting for providing accurate heat transfer. 
  • It is a very energy-efficient external heater for tank.
  • This is the perfect under tank heater for desert and tropical species of reptiles, arachnids, and amphibians.
  • Well-insulated heater and provides an optimal level of heat.
  • It is perfect for maintaining the rooting temperature in a tray and dome.
  • Homebrewing for maintaining fermentation temperature, and perfect for controlling the temperature in reptile terrariums and small pet enclosures.
  • It comes with an easy plug-in system and LED indicator lights & three-prong ground plug.


  • Some customers complained that heating pads do not give much heat.
  • They also do not stick to the bottom of the glass.
  • It is a very expensive underwater heater.

This one comes with a carbon fibre mat which helps radiate heat throughout evenly. There are no hot spots anywhere in the heating pad because of this.

The body is made pinch proof and scratch resistant too to let the mats put directly underneath the reptiles too. These heaters are ideal for terrarium as well as desert reptile species.

There are no wires in the pad area at all to allow more leak proof heating in terrariums. Helps reptiles regulate body temperature and immune overall health.

3. iPower 10" x 20.5" Warm Hydroponic Seedling Heat Mat and Digital Thermostat


  • It is the most durable heat with stronger heating wire and thicker multi-layer construction. Thermostat provides constant temperature control for fermentation, homebrewing, and germination.
  • This is a very reliable heater that warms 10-20°F above ambient room temperature and helps a lot in improving the quality of vegetable, herb, and flower seed germination.
  • Its temperature range is between 40°F - 108°F (5-42°C), Celsius or Fahrenheit readout. This heater also comes with a highly effective and accurate sensor probe that delivers accurate readings in both cool and warm environments.


  • Some users complained that it does not create the accurate level of heat as mentioned in the instructions.

This product is a bonus for anyone who wants more than one kind of reptile in their terrarium. The heat mats come along with heat controllers which allow all kinds of temperature gradients to get spread evenly.

The thermostat control combo is perfect for seed germination, reptile breeding and domestic brewing. It is made waterproof to be put both inside the terrarium as well as around the walls.

This product is the cheapest when it comes with a combo of both controller and heater mat.

4. Fluker's Heat Mat for Reptiles and Small Animals


  • This is constructed from highly durable and provides consistent and evenly distributed heat.
  • It is very easy to use and perfectly safe for all reptiles and amphibians.
  • You can easily mount this under or on the side of your pet's enclosure.
  • It also effectively monitors and controls the temperature.
  • It is flexible, fire-safe and waterproof


  • It is a very expensive heater.

This heater mat can be placed both under and on the sides of your pet’s enclosure. Let it be a reptile or an amphibian, this heater mat distributes heat evenly even throughout the water layers.

It is best to be used as a secondary heat source for your terrarium. The construction of this mat is durable enough to withstand scratches, punches and hard bites too.

It is provided with a proper ventilation to avoid any damage to the enclosure or create a fire hazard.

5. Blue Spotted Under Tank Heater, Terrarium Heat Pad


  • This is perfect under tank heater for tropical & temperate reptiles, amphibians and other small animals.
  • It put its heat to a specific desired location and works as an energy efficient low wattage external heat source. It is a great secondary heat source.
  • This heater is very easy to install and adhere directly to glass terrariums for the maximum transfer of heat.
  • Decent deal for the optimal price.


  • Some buyers complained that once attached to the end, the adhesive failed within hours and I started falling off again.

This one is ideal for both terrariums and small pet enclosures. The blue spot mat is well compatible with glass terrariums.

It has a specific feature of heating too which includes uniquely dividing the heat as well as focusing on a specific area too. The mat is UL approved and is highly safe.

The mat is easy to install and adheres to the glass for direct heat transfer. It is an excellent source of both primary and secondary heat for all reptile species, small pets and amphibians.

My Pick

In my opinion, the Zilla Terrarium Heater Heat Mat offers all great features. Its body is pinch proof and scratch resistant.

This is the best heater for terrarium and desert reptiles. It is energy-efficient and well insulated.

Plus, it does not put any negative or toxic effect on the aquarium. However, it is a bit costlier under tank heater but it is definitely worth spending money.


[Revised and Updated for July, 2019]
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Written by Debra Hutchinson, founder of FishXperts

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