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How to Get The Best Aquarium Lights For Your Tank

Fishes which we pet in our aquariums are used to sunlight which is also necessary for their stable behavior and judgment of night.

Even not scientifically required much, you would not want your fish to bump into each other due to the darkness.

So, it is better to provide the fish tank with a good lighting facility. Not only does it give vision to your fish, it also makes the fish tank look good.

There are many kinds of lights and decorative lighting available for your aquarium all around the market. But, there are still things which you should know about your fish tank before placing a light. This is something similar to getting the best auto feeder  for your fish.

  • The lights should not result in change in temperature of the fish tank.
  • They should not be stingy to the eye as fishes are sensitive in this case too.
  • A bright colored light with less intensity is perfect for a fish tank.
  • The light if immersed should not leave any residue which can affect the health of the fishes.

In any aquarium of both small and large size, the main thing that enhances its overall look is its internal decoration. People use many different types of things in their aquariums to enhance their beauty.

The beautiful living plants, unique fish, gravel, and other decorations make an aquarium no less than the real sea world. However, the main element of every aquarium is its lights system and filters such as sponge filters.

No matter how beautiful and expensive your aquarium decoration, if there is no proper light system then nothing will make an impact. 

To make the beauty of your fish and plants perfectly visible, you have to use a good and high-quality lighting system in your aquarium.

Lighting is the most important investment for your fish tank that you simply cannot ignore. When choosing the light, make sure to pick the right color spectrum to give the perfect effect in your fish tank. 

How to choose the right light for your fish tank?

It is important to choose the right type of light for your fish tank. For example, for small tanks, you cannot choose too bright lights.

In that case, you should go for normal fluorescent lights. This type of light does not create more heat and that makes it perfect for cold water fish.

On the other hand, the LED lights are quite expensive and not everyone likes to spend a lot of money on lights.

However, LEDs last longer as they are energy-efficient. Make sure to choose the exact intensity and color of whatever type of light you are going to buy.

What are the types of fish tank lights

There are basically two types only – dry and immersive.

  • Dry
  • Immersive

The dry ones are placed outside of the tank mostly from the top and are similar to the lights we use at our house.

They have to be kept away from water as they get heated up too. These lights are cheap and work good for providing basic light to the fish tank.

They do not contribute much to the enhancement of beauty of the fish tank.

The immersed ones are the costlier ones too. They are made in such a way that they do not cause any temperature change in the water. The immersed lights are more often used as decoration products.

Multi colored lights are available and patterns can be selected for them too. Nowadays many advanced decorative lights have emerged in the market and are liked worldwide as aquarium décor.

Top 5 Fish Tank Lights Available Online – Reviewed

1. Alfie Pet – Maza Glowing Effect Artificial Jellyfish for Aquarium Decoration


  • Incredibly detailed imitation floating jellyfish, attaches by thin invisible line and suction cup.
  • Glowing effect under actinic lighting.
  • Safe for fresh or saltwater aquariums.
  • Makes great hiding place for tropical fish and adds interesting decor to any tank.


  • Not any.
One of the best fish tank decorative products ever found is this imitation of jelly fish which is also a great aquarium light. The imitation of a real jelly fish is just amazing and the fishes in the tank get confused too.

The glowing effect is bright enough to light up a small fish tank or bowl without even a battery. The life of their glow is less and can be replaced at a very cheap cost.

2. Xcellent Global Multi Color Changing 18 Inch 18 RGB LED Underwater Submersible Aquarium Fish Tank


  • It is the best night light for wonderful nocturnal viewing.
  • This light produces a very impressive RGB colors air curtain.
  • This light system offers 7 different colors that make the fish tank like a rainbow.
  • Setup is very easy.
  • Color changes slowly and gives their full effect.


  • No setup instructions are included in the package.
  • Some users complained that suction cups and bubbler does not work properly.

In the section of slim lights which many people prefer for the kind of fish tanks which are open, this is the best and most durable product for the cost put in it. The multi color changing patterns give a unique decorative view to the fish tank.

Not only is this submersible, it has an effect of producing bubbles which is another beautiful effect that does not alter the behavior of the fishes.

3. Current USA Fixture Orbit Marine Pro LED Light


  • This light system creates a very brighter color.
  • It is also packed with ultra-bright LEDs in a wider color spectrum.
  • It creates eye-popping color rendition and brilliant shimmer effects.
  • It comes with wide angle dispersion lenses that ensure superior color blending.
  • It also offers multiple modes that dim periodically to create cloud and storm effect in the aquarium.
  • The installation process is very easy and simple.


  • Not any.

Falling in the list of top fish tank lights, this has managed to rank high even after a little disturbing price rate. The range of lighting in this product is the main feature as it can go from the smallest aquarium bowls to the biggest fish tanks giving just the right amount of light.

The product also has a very useful feature of timer set so that the fishes which sleep at night have a good and dark dream.

4. LemonBest High Bright Aquarium LED Light Lamp Fish Tank Lighting Fixture for Aquarium Fish Tank


  • This light system works properly for rimless, glass only tanks.
  • It is made with Ul modeling and you can easily adjust the tightness.


  • Some users complained that the screw mechanism is a cheap light-weight plastic that is hard to thread tighter.
A durable, cheap, and non deteriorating product which is useful for mainly the small fish tank owners is this product. The 24 LEDs provided work efficiently to brighten up the fish tank.

The flexibility of the clamp clip allows people to manage space issues regarding the placement of the light for the fish tank. There are three variations available with two lights blue and white which is sufficient for a fish tank.

My Pick

In my opinion, the Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light is the best aquarium.

This is because it produces a very bright colored light and also packed with ultra-bright LEDs.

Its cloud and storm effect quality makes it entirely unique from other types of aquariums available in the market.

But if you want to create colorful lighting in your aquarium, then Xcellent Global Submersible Multi Color Changing 18 Inch Led.


[Revised and Updated for July, 2019]
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Written by Debra Hutchinson, founder of FishXperts

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