Best Quality Co2 System Kit For Your Planted Aquarium

Proper lightning and Co2 system are the two basic requirements of a Co2 fish tank. As plants develop, they use up their existing Co2 supply, due to which shortage of it occurs.

To compensate for it, Co2 system kit is installed in aquariums. These systems provide required amount of carbon-dioxide to the aquarium plants for their healthy growth.

Photosynthesis is a natural process that takes place in plants, to convert the light energy into chemical energy, to fuel their activities. For this process, plants require two things: light and carbon dioxide.

They use light from the surroundings, so placing the tank in a well-lit area is important. However, Co2 is one thing which they don't get from the environment and without it, they cannot perform the process of photosynthesis, which leads to their untimely death.

What is the role of Co2 System?

To supply carbon-dioxide for the photosynthesis process, Co2 systems come into play. They supply enough Co2 in the water, to help plants continue their process and flourish.

If right Co2 level is not maintained in the fish tank, your plants will die. It is for this reason that getting a Co2 system is important.

This system not only provides for carbon-dioxide to your planted tank, but also enhances the quality of water, boosts the well-being of plants and fish, and also keeps the growth of algae under control.

There are numerous Co2 systems available in the market, which makes the task of choosing very confusing. So I have made it easy for you by giving accurate co2 system reviews.

Best Co2 System For Planted Aquarium

Brand, quality, features, pros and cons, everything matters a lot. So based on that criteria, I have short-listed the best co2 systems for your planted aquarium:

DIY Pressurized Co2 System Effective Generator Kit

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  • Available at an affordable price.
  • Great for those who like to have hands-on assembly.
  • You can create your own drinks with the Co2 generating liquid.


  • Assembly work required.
  • Requires regular maintenance.
This regulator from Sungrow, is much less expensive than other Co2 systems. It comes with a kit which includes a needle valve, pressure gauge, tubing and check valve. 

Though it is a great product, it requires a good amount of maintenance. You need to change the Co2 generating liquid quite often.

DIY Co2 Generator Aquarium Plant System Kit

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  • Available at an affordable price.
  • Great for those who like to have hands-on assembly.
  • You can create your own drinks with the Co2 generating liquid.


  • Assembly work required
  • Some customers complained that the valves are of cheap quality.
  • Requires regular maintenance

This product by Estink is a bit of a DIY project. It comes with tubing and valves to create a concentrated source of Co2 with liquids. You can later connect it to the aquarium to give your plants the required Co2.

VASCA Hagen Fluval Pressurized Co2 Kit

VASCA Hagen Fluval Pressurized CO2 Kit w/ 3 Replacement Cartridge Bundle (45g)
  • The Hagen Fluval Pressurized CO2 Kit come complete with all the necessary tools needed to grow lush and vibrant aquarium plants. This disposable cartridge system is ideal for small planted aquariums.

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  • No assembly required
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive
Unlike the previous two, this one requires no DIY, just setup. It is perfect for beginners as everything comes assembled. 

The kit comes with Co2 in small-sealed tanks that you can easily attach to the aquarium. The valves are also already setup and just requires to be attached.

How does a Co2 system works?

Three types of co2 systems are available: manual, automatic and semi-automatic. But regardless of which type you choose, they all function almost the same.

  • Manual systems relies on fermentation products. Co2 is made as a byproduct of yeast fermentation in these systems and stored in a separate bottle from the generating one. This bottle is connected to the aquarium and co2 is released via a diffuser or power head. These systems work best in small aquariums and are also cheaper.
  • In semi-automatic systems, gas travels from the connected co2 tank into the water via tubing. In these systems, the valve opens automatically , based on a timer. This helps a lot with the up-keeping process. These co2 systems work best in medium-sized tanks.
  • Last are the fully automatic co2 systems, in which you need to do nothing after setting up. The system itself gauges the level of co2 already present, and automatically adjusts the level. It does not work with the help of a timer, rather measures the co2 level in water. They are suitable for large-sized aquariums.

How to setup Co2 system in a planted aquarium?

Setting up process depends on the type of Co2 system you buy. In DIY or manual systems, you begin by creating a liquid that can ferment.

You then have to connect the fermentation bottle to a valve that releases the CO2 in your tank. In these systems you have to manually open the valve to allow the co2 to enter the tank. 

Whereas, in semi and fully-automated systems, you just have to connect the co2 system to your tank, which is done with tubes and valves.


Co2 system is an essential part of an aquarium. It is vital to control the level of carbon-dioxide that flows inside your tank as the more of it and even less of it, can have a harmful impact on marine life.

So remember to give it a routine check every now and then for their safety.


[Revised and Updated for July, 2019]
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Written by Debra Hutchinson, founder of FishXperts

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