Which Aquarium Plants are Best for Your Fish

Fishes live best in the natural environment. It includes a lot of things which a fish tank cannot provide. But, we can mend our fish tank for the fishes to adapt are a big factor in better life span of theirs. One of the main things that make them feel like a natural habitat is the plants.

Flora and fauna are connected to each other. Thus, aquatic plants are good for almost all of the fishes. But, when growing these plants in a fish tank, there have to be certain things to be taken care of. 

Plants are not bad for the fishes ever but many fishes may turn out to be the terminator for plants.

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What Plants to grow with which fish type?

Well, there are some common rules for the plants related to the water and light conditions as:

  • Plants require adequate amount of light to grow healthier. Proper LED lighting can help a lot in fulfilling this requirement.
  • CO2 quantity is required in good amount in the water for the plants to synthesis. Thus, fishes that can manage CO2 levels or low levels of oxygen are good to go.
  • Just like a tree requires an area to spread roots into, plants require an open space to grow or they end up suffocating. So, try to keep the tank spacious enough as in of at least 5 gallons for the best environment for both fishes and plants.
  • The best temperature for most of the plants available for fish tanks is between the scales of 72 to 78 degrees which is also most common among the fishes.

Now, apart from these common rules, there are certain types of plants which work good with certain type of fishes. The specific plants good and bad for specific fishes and vice versa are given below:

1. Silver Dollar Fish

This is the worst nightmare for an aquarium plant. Even if you provide fish food to these fishes, they would still prefer chewing the plants only.

Is silver dollar fish aggressive?
These fishes are capable of devouring an entire plant within a week itself. Also the continuous chewing tendency of these fishes lead to a devastating result for the plants. 

So, if you want to keep aquatic plants in your aquarium strictly avoid this fish species.

2. Buenos Aries Tetras

This fish belongs to the tetras family of fish species and are the worst ones for plants. They are voracious eaters of all the other members of the tetras family.

Although other tetras are not good friends of the plants either, this one has a special place for its destroying nature for plants. Beware of this species if you want your aquarium to be planted with some live greenery.

Note – All the plant are devoured by the Buenos Aries Tetras except for the Java fern which is completely avoided by them. Only this plant can be put in a fish tank which has this species.

3. Monos

These fishes have a similar look to the silver dollar fish except for the fact that they grow inches larger as compared to them.

Can Mono fish live in freshwater?
These fishes are mainly herbivorous creatures and depend on the vegetable matter in the wild. But when making these fish adapt to the fish food provided by you and that too at regular intervals, they avoid eating the plantations. 

So, this fish is safe to keep till the time you do not let them stay hungry for even a short time.

4. Scats

Scats are famous for cleaning the fish tanks. They feed mainly on the algae and fish waste products. But, when the fish tank equipments are capable enough to keep the tank clean and hygienic, they turn towards the plants for food. So, keep your water tank brackish if you want them to avoid any plant feasting.

5. Gold Fish

The Gold fishes a really tricky one and also the one which grows really huge. These fishes like to eat live plants from time to time and when they do, they do not stop till they are full.

How long do goldfish live for?
Keeping a gold fish is one of the most desired things for a fish enthusiast but also very tough when aquatic plants are included in the tank too. 

So, if you want to keep a gold fish in your fish tank along with aquarium plants, make sure you keep the plants which are really fast to grow.

Plants recommended for Gold fish tanks – Amazon sword, Java fern, Marsilea Minuta, Java Moss.

Fish Species compatible with planted fish tanks

  • Rather than picking out the ones which are compatible it is best to know about the fishes which are not good for the plants as the number is comparatively low.
  • Most of the carnivorous fishes are good for planted fish tanks and if they are tropical fishes, then the compatibility is the highest.
  • Betta fish are pretty good to go with aquarium plants especially with the ones that grow big or are dense. They like to rest in the dark areas and these plants provide a proper shelter to the Betta.
  • The small fish species that dwell with aquarium plants are danios, livebearers, barbs.
  • Larger species including Gourami, rainbow fish, discus fish and killifish would also do well.

Best Live Aquarium Plants

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Best Aquarium Plastic Plants

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Written by Debra Hutchinson, founder of FishXperts

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