Best Comprehensive Guide To Set Up A 90 Gallon Fish Tank

Are you looking for a 90 gallon fish tank? But not sure about which one to buy and their best features.

Then you have arrived at the right place.

A 90-gallon fish tank is the best buy for those who want to keep a lot of fish species and give an aesthetic look to the insides. 

In this article, I have enumerated various 90-gallon fish tanks suitable for people according to their needs, followed by a detailed guide for setup and maintain the tank further in future.

There are a lot of tanks available in the market today. Here I am enlisting the best 5 from which you can choose your ideal fit.

Let’s begin with the tanks!


Before going into the tank setup and maintenance, it is of prime importance to understand the one best suited to you.

Each aquarium comes with a different set of features, specifications, advantages, and therefore the right one depends on a variety of factors.

You must take into account all the factors before choosing the right one.

You can turn the aquarium into various types like freshwater, saltwater, tropical as it has a lot of space and keep different fish species without any problem. 



Seapora 59216 Standard Aquarium, 90 Gallon
  • This product is easy to use
  • This product adds a great Value
  • This product is Manufactured in United States
  • The Package Weight Of The Product Is 30.01 Pounds

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Seapora is one of the best aquariums in the market right now. It is one of the most reputable brands.

The product dimensions are 30*30*3.4 inches and the corresponding weight is 116 pounds. This aquarium is manufactured in the United States and is available on Amazon at a great price.

Seapora comes with an aquarium divider system which helps create isolated compartments in the tank. It maintains overall heat circulation and filtration and convenient feeding hole with lid.

The aquarium model is available on Amazon at a reasonable price. 


  • LED lighting above the tank
  • Low voltage power adapter
  • Easy to use
  • Available at a reduced price online
  • Manufactured in the United States


Clear-For-Life 90R Rectangle Aquarium - Clear Back
  • Dimensions - 48"(L)x18"(W)x24"(H)
  • Clear Back Panel - Round Front Corners
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Against Leakage
  • Safer & Stronger than Glass

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The Clear For Life is one of the best brands for fish aquariums nowadays. This 90-gallon tank is of the dimensions 48*18*24 inches.

The tank material is acrylic which makes it scratch resistant and gives it a shiny texture. The rectangular shaped tank can house many fish species and the lid is also made up of acrylic.

You can buy it from Amazon at reasonable price. 


  • ABS light fixtures on the top of the tank. 
  • Available at lower price online
  • Tank is made up of acrylic
  • Can accommodate several fish species


Deep Blue Professional ADB18090 90-Gallon Reef Ready Aquarium Tank, 48 by 18 by 24-Inch, Black
  • With Deep Blue Professional you can have the benefit of aquariums and accessories with the features you want at prices you can afford
  • Manufactured by Deep blue professional
  • Made in United States

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The aquarium tank measures 48, 18, 24 inches as length,width, and height respectively. The outer body is made up of glass and it is rectangular in shape.

It is reef-ready and already equipped with all the necessary plumbing materials. It is an ideal choice for saltwater fish but is also suitable for freshwater fish types. 


  • Product dimensions: 48*18*24 inches
  • All glass body
  • Rectangular in shape
  • Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fish species


After buying the right aquarium from the above list, you need to look for the right aquarium stand for support and safety.

There are many aquarium kits available in the market that comes with stand. The stands come in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Some are pre-equipped with a cabinet, some are water-resistant. To get your hands on the ideal one, you need to make a thorough research.

Below I am listing one of the best 90-gallon aquarium stands.


Marco upright aquarium is a durable support stand for your 90-gallon aquarium tank. The contemporary design and different colors accentuates the aesthetic look of your homes.

It is made up of a dense fiberboard and covered in melamine laminate. The stand supports the aquarium completely and keeps it safe.

The front part conceals all the important equipment like filter, pump. The stand comes with a two two-paneled doors provided to reach the inside accessories without disturbing the whole setup.

You can buy this elegant stand at reduced prices online. 

Some Other Honorable Mentions

SaleBestseller No. 1
Herture 20-29 Gallon Aquarium Stand Metal Frame Fish Tank Stand with Cabinet Storage, for 20 Gallon Long Aquarium,30.7" L*16.5" W Tabletop,330LBS Capacity Black PG01YGB
  • Wide Fish Tank Stand: Fish tank stand is suitable for 20-29 gallon fish tanks, including 20-gallon long tanks, with a desktop size of 30.7 inches * 16.5 inches, which can accommodate most standard size fish tanks. However, to ensure a perfect match, we recommend measuring the dimensions of your fish tank before purchasing.
  • 2 in 1 Space Design: Stand is designed with two levels for fish tank placement, the desktop can accommodate differently shaped 20-29 gallon fish tanks, and the bottom can also hold small 5-10 gallon fish tanks. This structure raises the height of the fish tank to a more comfortable viewing height while maximizing the use of limited space. It keeps your fish tank storage neat and tidy.
  • Sturdy and Stable: Stability is crucial for a fish tank. Therefore, our stand is made of thick steel with powder coating and sturdy MDF board, ensuring a weight capacity of 330 pounds for the desktop and 110 pounds for the bottom, to ensure durability, moisture resistance, and prevent shaking or instability like other products on the market.
  • Convenient Storage: Stand features a spacious storage cabinet in the middle, making it easy to store fish food, nets, gravel cleaning agents, and more. The storage cabinet keeps your fish tank area clean and tidy and allows you to access the items you need easily.
  • Modern Appearance: Aquarium stand features a modern black design that matches various home decor styles. This design is not only practical but also beautiful, making it the perfect decoration for your home. Tanks not included. Support dimensions: 30.7" x 16.5" x 31.88".
SaleBestseller No. 2
Ollie & Hutch Flipper 10/20 Gallon Aquarium Stand, Black Oak
  • Get an Aquarium or Terrarium Tank Stand for all your plant, aquatic, reptilian, or amphibian friends with the Flipper by Ollie & Hutch Flipper 10/20 Gallon Aquarium or Terrarium Tank Stand
  • Made of laminated MDF and particleboard, the black oak woodgrain finish gives the Stand a classic look
  • Unique patent design can support a 10 gallon stand on one end or a 20 gallon stand on the opposite end. Tank is not included
  • Open and concealed storage can hold all of your nets, cleaning equipment, and food
  • The Stand ships flat to your door and 2 adults are recommended to assemble. Stand can support 10 gallon tanks up to 120 lbs. or 20 gallon tanks up to 240 lbs. Assembled dimensions: 28"H x 25"W x 15.6875"D
SaleBestseller No. 3
URFORESTIC 20-29 Gallon Fish Tank Stand Aquarium Stand,Metal Frame with Wooden Cabinet Storage,X-Shape 500LBS Capacity
  • "X structure" frames made of black steel meet particleboard in rustic black color.
  • This stand is crafted of spacious tabletop, one middle cabinet and 2-tier open storage shelf. Providing ample rooms for displaying and storing aquarium tools.The fish tank stand maximizes space to store various fish tank cleaning set tools, aquascaping tools, fish feed, fish net, algae scraper, sponge brush cleaner, fish tank algae remover, etc.
  • Sturdy and Stable: The robust mix of sturdy steel and hard-wearing particleboard offers great stability and strength.500LBS capacity .The adjustable feet keep the fish tank stand balanced, and the anti-tip kit provides added stability
  • Multipurpose - Suitable for 20-29 Gallon fish tanks,aquariums, round fish tanks and irregular fish tanks.Desktop size is 30.7"L*16.5"W.Please measure the bottom of your tank first to ensure a proper fit.
  • Size: 30.7”L × 16.5”W × 32”H, simple and quick to follow illustrated instruction for worry-free assembly, professional customer service and satisfaction guaranteed

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Apart from the tank and the tank stand, there is a whole list of necessary equipment to be fitting in and out of the aquarium.

The heater comes in various styles. Here I am enlisting 3 most important apparatus to buy for the smooth functioning of the aquarium.

Choose a heater based on the net amount of water available in the aquarium and not the water amount itself. It should be between 3 to 5 watts per gallon of water. 


A 90-gallon aquarium need a heater with power between 270 watts and 450 watts. Most of the models are made with 50 watts increments, therefore, your choice could vary anywhere in between 300 to 500 watts.

The best way to balance is to use 2 heaters that would sum up the upper limit. In this case, 2 250-watt heaters would be an ideal choice.

This helps create a safety valve. That means that if one heater fails, the other one would be there to compensate for the absence.

Moreover, if one gets stuck on, the other one will take a lot of time to overheat making it safe for us to find an alternative in the meantime.

There are 2 types of heaters- hang on tank and submersible. It completely depends on your personal choice or decoration styles.

You can purchase this heater for the tank-

Aqueon Pro Adjustable Heater, 100W
  • Adjustable heat setting 68 to 88°F, Electronic Thermostat accurate to +/- 1°
  • Shatterproof and nearly indestructible
  • Fully submersible; Auto Shut-Off when over-heats, resets when it cools down
  • LED light is always on: red when heating, green when not heating
  • Limited Lifetime warranty

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Keeping the aquarium water clean is of prime importance. The filters vary according to the tank quantity and the types of fish kept in it.

It also removes dirt, impurities, fish waste from the tank and creates necessary current. It is difficult to choose from a wide variety of aquarium filters. Some of them includes bio floss, bio sponge, carbon, and other media filters. 

Here are some of the best filters to choose from

Penn-Plax Cascade All-in-One Aquarium Canister Filter – for Tanks Up to 100 Gallons (265 GPH) – Cascade 1000
  • CASCADE 1000 CANISTER FILTER: Without effort, the Cascade 1000 Canister Filter quietly delivers crystal clear water throughout the tank. Recommended for aquariums up to 100 gallons, this filter cycles water at 265 Gallons per Hour. It’s compatible for both freshwater and saltwater fish tanks, and is also great for water based turtle habitats.
  • STATE OF THE ART FEATURES: In addition to the push button primer that allows for a simple and quick prime, this Canister Filter also features two independent valve taps that rotate 360°. This makes for easy maneuvering, even in the tightest aquarium cabinets. The 3 stackable, large capacity media baskets give aquarists the ability to customize filtration.
  • FILTER MEDIA: This Canister Filter comes standard with 1 Coarse Bio-Sponge, 3 Poly Fiber Floss Pads, and 1 Bag of Activated Carbon. In addition to optimizing the colonization of anaerobic bacteria, this filter traps floating particulate matter, removes harmful chemicals and toxins, clears up discolorations, and reduces foul odors from your aquarium’s water.
  • ITEMS INCLUDED: 2 Independent Valve Taps, Push Button Primer, Flow Rate Control Cut-Off Valves, Swimming-Pool Style Hose Clamps, 4 Easy Lift Alignment Clamps, Sturdy Tip-Proof Base, 3 Large Capacity Media Baskets, 3 Poly Fiber Floss Pads, 1 Coarse Bio-Sponge, and 1 Bag of Activated Carbon.
  • MEASUREMENTS AND OTHER USEFUL INFO: The Cascade 1000 Canister Filter measures 11.5” (W) x 10” (D) x 17” (H). Additional Info = 110 Volts / 60 Hz / 28.5 W.

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Marineland Magniflow Canister Filter For aquariums, Easy Maintenance,Black
  • 3-STAGE FILTRATION: Water flows through media layers to filter water and ensure a clean aquatic environment
  • VERSATILE: For freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • FAST SETUP: Water-tight canister lid lifts up for easy removal
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Valve block for quick release to shut down water flow – separates from housing for quick, spill-free maintenance
  • THREE SIZES AVAILABLE: Comes in 220 GPH, 360 GPH and 360 GPH sizes

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Aquatop 4-Stage Canister Filter with Vortex Prime, 9W UV, 370 GPH Flow Rate, 3+1 Filtration System, Ideal for Fresh & Saltwater Aquariums, Black
  • CANISTER FILTERS FOR AQUARIUM: This Aquatop UV aquarium canister filter is taken to the highest performance level with ideal features such as Vortex Prime, Secure-Mount Fittings, and an optional Surface Skimmer.
  • GREAT FOR FRESH & SALTWATER TANKS: This 370 GPH 3+1 filtration system is ideal for fresh and saltwater aquariums ranging in size from 75 to 125 gallons. There are also two convenient priming options that eliminate the need for manual siphoning.
  • UV BULB FOR CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER: This Aquatop fish tank filter comes equipped with UV and all the necessary plumbing for installation. The integrated 9-watt UV bulb helps keep your aquarium water healthy and crystal clear.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE AQUARIUM FILTER MEDIA: This aquarium filter includes three large filtration media compartments to add the filtration media of your choice. The customizable filtration media trays offer a filtration system to suit your aquatic needs.
  • SUPERIOR FILTRATION: This tank filter includes three fine filter pads and a single coarse filter sponge for enhanced Mechanical Filtration. Add Aquatop’s Premium Activated Carbon, Ceramic Rings, or Bio-Balls (included) for superior filtration.

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If you own an aquarium, you might also need a hood. A hood, also known as the canopy is a lid, a plastic or glass barrier that covers the aquarium from the top.

A lot of hoods include lights but not each one. They differ in size according to the size of the aquarium.

Here are two best hoods for your 90-gallon aquariums-

Zoo Med Reptisun Led Uvb Terrarium Hood, 48"
  • 48 inch ReptiSun LED UVB Terrarium Hood
  • Recommended for 48 inch tanks, terrariums, and aquariums
  • Features a highly polished curved reflector for maximum efficiency and UVB penetration
  • Includes 6 lighting modules (6500K, red plant growth, and Blue Lunar LEDs) with one 46 inch T5 UVB bulb
  • This is the ideal light fixture for large terrariums, planted terrariums, and any species that benefits from UVB exposure and bright, visible light

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Exo Terra Screen Cover for Hinged Door, 60 Breeder/75 Gallon, 1 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Easy Access Cover: The Exo Terra Terrarium Screen Cover is an easy-to-install cover for aquariums and glass tanks.
  • Stable Cover: Central hinges allow a partial opening of the enclosure without having to remove any fixtures, thereby reducing stress to the inhabitants and the risk of escape.
  • Easy Ventilation and UV Penetration: The strong metal screen provides ventilation and allows necessary UV penetration while ensuring reptiles, feeder insects, and other small animals are safely secured.
  • Additional Accessories: Compatible with Exo Terra Screen Cover Clips to help ensure your covers stay secure (sold separately).
  • Ideal For: Hinged Screen Covers are designed for 60-gallon Breeder and 75-gallon aquariums. Additional sizes are compatible with 90 and 110 X-High gallon aquariums.

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Before adding water, make sure that you have cleaned the aquarium inside-out. Refrain from using any harsh chemicals on the inside of the tank as it could prove to be harmful for the fish.

Also clean the aquarium gravel, rocks, substrate and ornaments with warm water. Now fill the tank with water.

Do not use tap water as it contains chlorine which could be harmful for the fish. Dechlorinate the tap water and then add it.

Some of the best dechlorinators are Seachem Prime, Tetra AquaSafe Plus, Natural Rapport. Do not forget to cycle the tank at regular intervals for necessary bacteria formation which provides nutrients to the fish.

Make sure that the pH level of the water is maintained at a suggested temperature.


Now that you have successfully added the water, it is time to add the fish followed by preferrable decorations.

It is not recommended to add the fish directly as it will not be able to adapt to the changed water temperature and surroundings.

Caution – Even the subtle change in pH level could make the fish sick and lead to death eventually. This process takes patience and careful approach on your part.

Here is a list of some fish types you can keep in a 90-gallon aquarium-

  • Discus and Scalare
  • Cichlids
  • Common tetra species: neon tetras or Rummy-nose tetra
  • Catfish
  • Black lined loach or dwarf loaches
  • Rainbow fish
  • Five Banded barbs, tiger barbs, Odessa barbs
  • Gourami
  • Rasboras
  • Rainbow Snakehead

For reef tank: Tangs, Clowns, Wrasses, Cardinals

Moreover, the fish species to be kept highly depend upon the type of aquarium you are going to make- freshwater, or saltwater.

Even the fish addition should take place according to the. For decorations, you can use different plants, roots, other creatures, rocks, gravel, etc.


This is not the last step in the process. Tank maintenance and management is highly important to ensure the long life of the fish.

Clean and cycle the tank at regular intervals. Feed the fish regularly and keep the lights on and off according to the recommended schedule.

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us and raise your concerns ranging from the aquarium type to fish type to maintenance tips, anything.

I would also suggest you to spend some time with your water buddies as it increases acquaintance and companionship.


What is the typical size of a 90-gallon aquarium?

The typical 90-gallon aquarium tank dimensions are 48 inches length, 18 inches width and 25 inches height. 

What is the weight of the tank empty and full?

The average weight of the tank when empty is 160 lbs and 1050 lbs when full. 

What fish species can I keep in South America 90-gallon fish tank?

You can introduce 6-8 Discus fish, Agassiz’s dwarf cichlid, cockatoo dwarf cichlid, red striped cichlid, Tefe agassizii or 2-4 pairs of dwarf cichlids in pairs, angelfish, large cichlids, etc.  


[Revised and Updated for July, 2019]
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Written by Debra Hutchinson, founder of FishXperts

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