Best Nano Aquariums for Your Desktop & Office Reviewed

Do you love fishes? Have you made your mind to own a nano aquarium for your desktop and office?

Well, we feel you!

A nano aquarium is a very small fish tank. It has all the functions of a normal sized aquarium tank, but simply adds a more minimalist style to the decor. If you are going to buy a nano aquarium, then you will have to know which will be most convenient.

In here, we will have a closer look at various aspects of nano aquariums. Further, we will also review the best nano aquariums that are available with us.

My Pick – The nano aquarium you choose will depend upon your preferences and the kind of features you are looking for in a fish tank. However, I would suggest you consider any one of the Fluval Models.

Nano Aquariums

First Things First, What is a Nano Aquarium?

Now, there is no specific size for a nano aquarium; it is simply smaller than the usual aquariums available.

Usually, a nano reef tank has the capacity to hold about 30 gallons of water, while a nano saltwater aquarium holds 15 gallons of water and this is because the normal size of these particular aquariums is quite large.

However, many consider tabletop aquariums as well as small saltwater fish tanks to be nano aquariums.


The Fluval Spec V however, remains a really good choice because of its design and its accessories. All Fluval models have great customer support so you need not worry about that.

  • Nano aquariums are affordable and the total set up cost along with any extra fittings is still less than a regular sized aquarium. This is because you will need fewer accessories and a small fish tank will consume much less power.
  • The maintenance of an aquarium is not an easy task, especially if it’s a large one. Therefore, several nano aquariums will allow you to divide the load and will cost much less.
  • Nano aquariums obviously do not take up too much space, and therefore they are convenient for offices, desktops and studio apartments.
  • Nano aquariums are quite lightweight and they can easily be carried. This also means that such fish tanks can be placed on almost any surface without having to worry about causing any damage.
  • Maintaining a nano fish tank is much easier than maintaining a huge 125-gallon aquarium. Changing the water becomes easier too.


While nano aquariums are quite convenient, their small size does cause them to have some disadvantages.

  • Due to its small size, you cannot keep too many fishes in it and you cannot even have a lot of aquatic plants or too many ornaments. If you decide to have more than one kind of fish, find out about their habits and if they are territorial. Also, research about the types of fishes that can be kept in a nano aquarium (for example, dwarf rasboras, pygmy sunfish, pygmy swordfish).
  • The maintenance of an aquarium is not an easy task, especially if it’s a large one. Therefore, several nano aquariums will allow you to divide the load and will cost much less.
  • Accidents can end up being fatal. If your water heating stops working or the temperature changes, then the water of the whole tank will be affected in a few hours and you might end up finding dead fish.

Are Nano Aquariums Ideal For You?

Nano aquariums are ideal for those who wish to keep fish but do not want to undertake the hassle of maintaining a large tank.

This, however, does not mean that nano aquariums are only for amateurs because even they must be extra careful when it comes to handling such a tank, as one small error might cause the entire system to fail.

That said, here we have shortlisted the best nano aquariums for you to make the right decision.

Best Nano Aquariums

Fluval Flex

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Fluval Hagen HG Flex Aquarium 57L, 15gal, Black
  • The 15 gallon Fluval Flex Freshwater Kit is one of very few freshwater aquarium kits to incorporate brilliant illumination and multistage filtration with convenient aquarium features and contemporary design. Your aquatic atmosphere will stand out amongst the competition with 48 white and 6 RGB fully adjustable 2450 LUX LEDs shimmering over your fish and plants, while the dimmable 7500K LED lamp promotes plant growth. Choose from 80+ different hues for an endless selection of color blends and special effects options such as cloud cover, storm and full color cycle, all controlled from your included FLEXPad remote control. This is a fully fledged glass tank, and the infrared remote sensor is neatly integrated and easily accessible on the canopy. To achieve superior water quality, a powerful 3-stage filtration is included with oversized mechanical (foam), chemical (carbon), and biological (Biomax) media. The Multi-directional 132 GPH dual outputs allow customized water flow, all hidden nicely in the rear compartment, allowing the focus to remain on your beautifully manicured aquascape. This aquarium features a unique curved front, creating the illusion of a larger aquatic environment and modern look to suit any room in your home or office. The water line of the rear compartment remains hidden with the stylish honeycomb wrap and ensures your entire aquarium looks sleek and clean at all times. For added functionality and user ease, enjoy the freedom of feeding your fish through the convenient feed top cover opening. Comes in a sleek black color.

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Designed to keep fish in freshwater, this nano aquarium has an all-in-one form factor which allows it to fit in any space. There are two sizes in which the aquarium is available: 9 gallons and 15 gallons.

The aquarium is made of high clarity curved glass and has a triple-layered filtration system. The filtration system has a foam filter to trap any unwanted particles like debris, excess amount of fish food or even bits of algae.

The second layer of filtration comes from an activated carbon pouch which removes organic materials dissolved in the water. Finally, there is a section for biofiltration.

This layer gets rid of ammonia and nitrites which are extremely harmful and can cause severe stress in fish, leading to several diseases.

There is a water pump fitted inside the tank. This water pump regulates the water and passes it through the layers of filtration.

The aquarium also has internal LED lighting with lights of different colours. These lights and their timings can be controlled with a Flexpad remote control.


  • The aquarium with all its inbuilt features is very convenient.
  • The filtration system is top notch.
  • There are two different outlets for the water to flow.
  • The LED lighting system is completely energy efficient.
  • The aquarium can also support the growth of aquatic plants because of its 7500 K lighting.


  • The aquarium with all its inbuilt features is very convenient.
  • The filtration system is top notch.
  • There are two different outlets for the water to flow.
  • The LED lighting system is completely energy efficient.
  • The aquarium can also support the growth of aquatic plants because of its 7500 K lighting.

Marineland Aquarium Kit

This nano aquarium has a capacity of 3 gallons. It weighs 10.5 pounds. There is also a 5 gallons version available which weighs 12 pounds.

Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit, 5 Gallons, Hidden Filtration
  • SLEEK DESIGN: Rounded corners and clear glass canopy allow viewing from multiple angles.
  • DAYLIGHT/MOONLIGHT LIGHTING: Bright white LEDs create a shimmering sunlight effect; blue LEDs produce a moonlit glow.
  • EASY ACCESS: Hinged LED lighting and sliding glass canopy.
  • SIZE: 5-gallon aquarium fits Marineland Rite-Size Z Filter Cartridges.
  • HIDDEN FILTRATION: Advanced, 3-stage filtration is out of sight, enhancing aquarium viewing.

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The bigger one, in spite of having greater capacity, does not really take up too much space and hence is actually a better choice.

The aquarium is made of curved glass and has LED lights hanging over it. The lighting system has a white light setting and a blue light setting. The white light is for daytime to enhance natural light, while the blue light is for nights.

You can slide back the canopy cover to feed the fish or clean the tank. But there is a three-stage filtration system in place that cleans the water quite thoroughly. There is a filter cartridge that eliminates debris. Also check out

8 Innovative Self Cleaning Aquariums Ideal For Home & Office

The cartridge has activated carbon and its molded ribbed back increases the contact between water and carbon. This gets rid of chemical impurities and odours.

There is also a bio-foam that is created to reduce organic particles and cultivate bacteria to destroy the harmful nitrites and ammonia components.

If the devices like the filter pump and water pumps make your tank look tacky, this one will help you find a solution. The nano fish tank comes with a three side open frame.

Behind the fourth side is the filtration and water pumping process done. The fish tank does not have any devices to entice the beauty of a natural habitat. 

The LED lights have different modes with both shiny and soft glows for day and night. The lights are hung from above with railing. This fish tank can hold up to 5 gallons of water and allows space enough for decorations, plants or gravel too.


  • The glass used is sturdy and you need not worry about the structure breaking down at any time.
  • The design is really amazing and elegant. The curved glass gives a sleek and stylish look.
  • The water flow through the pump can be regulated and the pump does not make much noise while running.


  • The light is not very bright and will need to replace if you decide to keep aquatic plants.

Fluval Aquarium Kit, 5 Gallon

If you need more space, then this is a good option. Measuring 17.2 X 10.6 X 6.3 inches, this nano aquarium is long and narrow and the LED lighting system that hangs over it has 37 lights.

The tank is made of etched glass which makes it extremely modern and elegant.

The pump is placed in a chamber along with the filtration system at one end of the tank. The pump is very powerful and it can be adjusted. If you want to fit a heater, then there is enough space for that above the pump.

It is the cheapest among the nano fish tanks available online. But the product durability is surprisingly more than many expensive counter parts.

The tank is equipped with 37 LED light system. The frame is made of etched glass fitted above the aluminium trim. The chances of any metal corrosion are none making this the best sea water nano fish tank too.

The tank can hold up to 5 gallons of water. The filtration and pumping devices are almost hidden and do not lie inside the tank making it less tacky too.

Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon, White
  • 5 gallon nano aquarium
  • Etched-glass tank with aluminum trim
  • Powerful 37 LED Lighting System
  • Includes foam block, activated carbon and BioMax bio rings
  • Size: 17.2 x 10.6 x 6.3 Inch

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  • While having a sleek design, the aquarium has a lot of space.
  • The pump does not make any sounds while running which makes this aquarium ideal for an office environment.
  • It is affordable.
  • The filtration system cleans the water thoroughly.


  • LED lighting is not strong enough to support most aquatic plants.

​JBJ Nano Cube DX Aquarium

With an acrylic plastic cover, this 6-gallon aquarium weighs about 21 pounds. Different versions of this aquarium with 12 gallons or 24 gallons capacity are also available.The aquarium is fitted with a triple-layered filtration system. It also has cooling fans and proper lighting.

JBJ Nano Cube DX Aquarium, 6-Gallon

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  • Half the people who have bought this model have said that it is extremely sturdy.


  • A lot of customers have actually been extremely disappointed because they have found that the quality of the plastic is bad and it gets scratched easily.
  • Very poor customer support.

​Fluval Edge Aquarium with LED Light

There are two versions of this aquarium; the 6 gallons one weighs 23.3 pounds while the 12 gallons one weighs 34.5 pounds.

Fluval EDGE Aquarium Kit, Aquarium with LED Lighting and 3-Stage Filtration System, 6 Gallons, Black, 15385A1
  • Unique cube shaped aquarium provides amazing visual experience; 6 sided, 6-gallon sealed glass aquarium
  • LED Lighting, Filtration & Wiring is easily hidden away in the decorative column
  • Powerful bright white 7600K high luminosity LED's with 3 deep blue night time light LED's and 3 position switch
  • Powerful, easy-to-use Edge filter with Cycleguard
  • Includes Nutrafin Cycle and Nutrafin Aquaplus water treatments

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Both these aquariums have the same filtration system and some customers have found that this filtration is not enough for the larger tank.

Therefore, the smaller tank is better and the filtration is very efficient with Cycleguard, Nutrafin Cycle, and Nutrafin Aquaplus water treatment features. With this system, you will only need to clean the aquarium once in every three months.

The 6 gallons tank also has 21 LED lights (18 white lights and 3 blue lights).The design of the aquarium is very modern and the glass on all sides make it appear quite weightless. 

The 6 gallons aquarium is available in black, white bad silver while the 12 gallons one is available only in black and white.


  • The design is very elegant and sleek. It does not expose any of the wires and other parts, making the tank very minimalist and a part of the decor.
  • The LED lighting system is very well fitted and it does not overheat. The lights are bright enough and you will not need to replace them.
  • The filtration system of the smaller tank is extremely efficient.
  • Very sturdily built.


  • The opening of the tank is very small and you will need to be very careful with cleaning or placing any ornaments through it.

​Marina Aquarium Kit

The nano aquarium version of this measures 16 X 8.5 X 10.5 inches and can be fitted with the Marina Slip S10 clip-on filter and LED lights which are available in the kit.

Marina Aquarium Kit - 20 gallon Fish Tank - LED
  • 20 U.S. gallon glass aquarium
  • Includes a Marina Slim S20 clip on filter with quick change filter cartridges
  • Includes everything you need to get your aquatic home started
  • Measures: 24 inches L x 12.5 inches W x 16.5 inches H

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The kit also has a guide for setup and aquarium maintenance along with a net. There are other things like fish food samples, and Aquaplus Conditioner available in the kit.

Because this tank is for beginners, it needs to be taken care of and you will have to buy all supplements and other materials once they run out.

If you decide to put different kinds of fish or aquatic plants, then you might need to fit in a heater or get different lights or you might even want to upgrade to the 20-gallon version of the tank.


  • The kit has everything you will need to start keeping fishes. You will just need to get the right kind of fish that will be able to thrive in the given conditions.
  • The guide is detailed and explains all the processes involved.
  • The lighting system is efficient.
  • The filter works well and runs silently.
  • The design is pretty good.


  • The kit does not include decorative items like rocks or ornaments. You will have to buy those.
  • It needs a lot of maintenance.

​Vepotek Nano Kit

Those who love nano aquariums know that these aquariums can look really good and aesthetic with the right accessories and lighting.

The Vepotek Nano Kit comes with several accessories and fittings for the aquarium. It has a filter and a lighting system with 39 LED lights of four different colours and it also has an internal timer for the lights.

The exterior is made of glass which adds to the aesthetics of the aquarium.Acrylic plastic might be a safer choice but it gets scratched easily and the marks don’t fade.

Therefore from that point of view, glass is better and it looks great too.It is one of the safest yet with most built in features nano fish tank. 

The tank is made with temper glass for highest endurance of frame. The built in timer and temperature sensor do not allow the water to get discomforting consistently.

The constant use of the aquarium filter pump is highly energy saving as compared to others. There are 36 LED lights with 4 different colors for both day and night times. Just buy the tank and put some water and fish in it and you are done worrying about anything else.

Vepotek Aquarium Fish Tank Nano Kit 4 Gallons w/LED Light and Filter
  • 1 Year US Warranty / Designed for Both Fresh and salt water
  • High power 11 LED Aquarium light with on/off switch 5V DC
  • high-performance energy-efficient (3 watts) Aquarium Filter Pump
  • Made with safe tempered glass

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  • The pump of 3 Watts works well and can turn up to 90 degrees. The rate of the water flowing through the pump can be controlled and it runs quietly.
  • The LED lights are very energy efficient, consuming only 6 Watts.
  • The kit has a 1-year warranty and for customers in the US, they have support as well.
  • There is a water sensor available.
  • With the dimensions just right for your desk, the colored lights reflecting on glass give it a great look.


  • There is no lid. If you want a covering then you’ll have to buy it.
  • The instructions provided are insufficient and they won’t help you much as you try setting up the aquarium. Some customers did not even receive a guide. So it is advisable that you get some experience or at least read up about it before you start assembling.
  • The temperature is only shown in Celsius. If you want it in Fahrenheit, then you’ll have to use a converter.
  • The filter is not very efficient and you might need to replace it.

​Tetra Cube Aquarium Kit, 3 gallons

Made of styrene plastic, the sides of this aquarium measure about 10 inches and there is a pedestal that elevates it. There is a clear canopy covering and it has an opening through which you can give fish food without having to take off the cover.

When you purchase the kit, you also get to sign up for TetraCare online and phone support which can be of help in case of any technical difficulties.

The filter has an air pump and there is also a LED light. All you will need to do is plug in the power adapter and the tank will start functioning. It is also quite light and can be carried if necessary.

Tetra LED Cube Shaped 3 Gallon Aquarium with Pedestal Base
  • Equipped with a Tetra 3i filter to keep your tank clean and provide a perfect environment for small tropical fish.
  • The tank features an LED light to show off your fish
  • Clear canopy has a hole for easy feeding. Material : Glass and acrylic
  • Perfect for small tropical fish, goldfish or betta
  • "10" D x 10"W x 10.512"H"; Age range description: Adult

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  • The design is pretty good even though it is made of plastic.
  • The kit is quite affordable.
  • The lighting works well for the tank.
  • The pump runs without making any noise.


  • Some customers who ordered this kit online have complained about receiving defective parts.
  • The filter might not be very efficient and in that case, you will have to change it.

​Marineland Aquarium Kit, 3 gallons

This looks like a normal aquarium but it has a black curved band covering the top, one side and the bottom completely.

The covering on the top which is a part of the band like cover can be slid back form an opening while the bottom part of the cover is like a pedestal for the tank.

The side which has the covering is fitted with a filtration system which filters debris, eliminates unwanted particles and odours with chemicals and generates cultivation of bacteria to get rid of nitrites and ammonia.

The rate of water flowing through the air pump can be regulated and adjusted and the LED lighting system of this aquarium has both white and blue lights, for daytime and nights, respectively.

A nano tank serves the purpose of a good ecosystem in compact way. This one is the most stylish in doing the perfect job. This nano fish tank comes with brilliant rail light which has two modes – Daylight and Moon.

The tank is built to hold up to 3 gallons of water. It is perfect for the Betta fish. There is an additional 3 step filtration system that takes away the concern of filtering the water.

This little tank will fit right in the corner of your living room and enhance its beauty.

Marineland Contour 3 aquarium Kit 3 Gallons, Rounded Glass Corners, Includes LED Lighting
  • SLEEK DESIGN: Rounded corners and clear glass canopy allow viewing from multiple angles.
  • DAYLIGHT/MOONLIGHT SETTINGS: Bright white LEDs create a shimmering sunlight effect; blue LEDs produce a moonlit glow.
  • EASY ACCESS: Hinged LED rail light and sliding glass canopy.
  • DIMENSIONS: The Marineland Contour 3 aquarium measures 9. 5 inches x 10 inches.

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  • The design is quite different and modern.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • The filter pump is not noisy.


  • The plastic covering gets scratched easily.
  • The flow of water through the pump will need to be adjusted.

​Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit, 2.6 gallons

With dimensions of 8.7 X 10.8 X 11.8 inches, this nano aquarium is great for desktops. The design is very stylish, using the scratch-resistant etched glass instead of plastic.

The lighting system of 31 LED lights hang over the top of the tank and there is also a circulation pump fitted inside the tank which has an adjustable nozzle.

The filter has 3 different features: porous foam, activated carbon, and BioMax bio rings, which keep the water clean for a very long time.

Fluval SPEC Freshwater Aquarium Kit, Aquarium with LED Lighting and 3-Stage Filtration, 2.6 Gallon, Black
  • 2.6-gallon etched glass aquarium with aluminum trim
  • High-output 7000K LED with all-aluminum, waterproof casing for enhanced plant growth and fish colors
  • Powerful 3-stage filtration for superior water quality and stylish honeycomb wrap to conceal rear filtration compartment
  • Includes glass aquarium with cover; LED lighting system; safe, low-voltage transformer; circulation pump with output nozzle; foam filter block with handle; activated carbon insert; and BioMax insert
  • Dimensions: 10.8 x 11.8 x 8.7 inches

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  • The design is very cool and the lighting is great. The whole structure of the tank with the glass exterior and a separate chamber for the pump and the filter adds to the aesthetics.
  • It is affordable.
  • The lid can be easily opened.


  • Some nano aquariums are not always convenient for beginners and this particular aquarium is one of those. It needs to be assembled and you might also need to fit in a heater.
  • Depending upon the fish you are keeping, you might need to make some modifications and adjustments to the existing features.
  • The manual given does not have clear instructions so setting up the aquarium might be difficult.


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