Saltwater Fish


The wonderfully attractive goldfish is a freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae and is one of the most commonly kept aquarium fish worldwide.

Is it OK to touch a goldfish?
First domesticated in China more than a thousand years ago, the goldfish has over the years developed into different breeds and varieties. 

These breeds vary in size, body shape, coloration and in fin configuration. Know More

Tank & Bowl

Taking care of your fish not only safeguards them as pets but an investment. It can be quite sad waking up to sick or otherwise dead fish in the aquarium.

Tank & Bowl
Your fish will need very special care and attention. This comes with ensuring that you take care of your aquarium. Fish are affected by the environment. 

Taking of fish is not as hard as you think. You however have to do it right. Tank care and maintenance will start right before you buy the tank.

You need to have a good idea of the size of tank you want to buy. 

This will be determined by the number of fish you want to keep in the tank. Know More


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Written by Debra Hutchinson, founder of FishXperts

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