Cleaning the fish tank

How to clean your Fish tank

Housing a fish is a very tender and complicated thing. It has three basic requirements as love, care and knowledge.

Setting up your fish tank is easy and can also be done with the help of an expert when you buy your fish tank but the maintenance of the fish tank is what you need to take care of personally for happier and longer living fishes.

Three Step Procedure

For cleaning your fish tanks, there is a three step procedure which you can follow with any equipment or cleaning products. Follow them in general keeping in mind all the conditions that the fish need to stay in for a healthy life span.

1. Placing the fish in a temporary tank.

Fishes are sensitive to the atmosphere around them and slightest change is noticed and responded.

For cleaning the fish tanks one should create a similar water environment in terms of temperature, pressure and salt level to avoid the disturbance of fish’s behavior.
  • Create a similar tank of preferably same size as the one you breed in it in.
  • Keep the water temperature same in both the tanks before you place the fish. (Pro Tip – This Will help “Best Thermometers For Your Fish Tank Guide“)
  • Check for the salt level of the tank the fish is currently in and level it in the other tank too.

2. Cleaning the tank.

How do you properly clean a fish tank?
  • While cleaning the tank one should always keep in mind that the cleanser is unresponsive with the fish.
  • The cleaning chemicals should not alter the fragrance of the tank either or the fish may not feel like it is back to its home.
  • It is not required to change the whole water in one session. Simple cleaning 3/4th of the water is enough as the essence of the old water will help keep the fish calm.
  • Add aquarium salt to the fish tank as it relieves the fish from the bacteria stuck on its body and also helps clean its scales. Keep in mind the level of the salt you pour as it can become toxic for the fish in no time too.
  • Clean the decorations of the fish tank with aquarium cleaner soaps and liquids only.
  • Algae pads can help remove the dirt as well algae stuck on the walls and bottom of the fish tank.
  • The gravel can be alternated by keeping two sets. Gravel and aquarium sand can be cleaned simply by drying it out in the sun, using the best gravel cleaner. Meanwhile, place the other set of and gravel to keep the aquarium atmosphere similar.

Placing back the fish

  • The most crucial part of the cleaning part is placing the fish back into the tank after cleaning.
  • The same procedure as making the conditions of the cleaned tank similar to the one the fish stays in is required.
  • Lower the pressure of the pump a little than before to let the fishes calm down for the slight changes they suffer from.
  • Add aquarium salt to the tank to give additional relaxation to the fishes.

Important points to keep in mind

  • Never use any normal cleaning products to clean the aquarium.
  • The best time to clean the fish tank is in the late afternoon or early morning depending on the time the fishes take their naps on.
  • Check for any sick fish before cleaning the tank.
  • Maintain constant water atmosphere always to prevent trauma for the fishes.
  • Change 1/4th of the water of the tank once in a week for longer gaps in between the proper cleaning sessions.
  • Place one or two tank cleaning fishes which eat out the waste products of other fishes and the algae from the glass.

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[Revised and Updated for July, 2019]
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Written by Debra Hutchinson, founder of FishXperts

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