Tetra Fish Tank And Aquarium

tetra-fish-tankIf it is the first time that you buy tetra fish, then you should start your journey with a small number of fish which requires easy caring ways . Setting up tanks and aquarium needs experience.

So, for beginners, it is best to start their journey with only one inexpensive fish known as test fish. Providing your test fish with perfect living conditions and analyzing their reaction towards them will teach you everything about tetra fish tanks and aquariums.

Setting up a tetra fish tank/aquariums

Setting up a tetra fish tank and aquariums include various tasks that needs to be completed in order to maintain overall health of fishes. It includes:

  • Aquarium Materials such as gravel, decorations and stones should be washed periodically with colander. Avoid using soap or detergent to wash these materials as they are toxic to fish.
  • Add Water: one third of aquarium should be filled up with room temperature water, adding tetra aqua safe to de-chlorinate water.
  • Decoration and Plants: rocks, live or plastic plants and ornaments should be very well arranged in an aquarium. Adding live plants involves taking extra care such as they should be planted at specific water temperature and should be moist till the time they are planted.
  • Balance of Water: Fill up the aquarium to the top leaving some space between water level and the cover.
  • Filter, Heater and Thermometer: when using outside filters, you should fill them with filter cartridge. Heater should be secured as per directions and thermometer should be placed far away from heater as possible.
  • Starting Your Aquarium Equipment: start your aquarium and switch on power filter, heater and air pump and make sure that your power is working properly and heater is adjusted to give perfect temperature.
  • Add Fish to the Aquarium starting with floating fish in plastic bags for 15 minutes in your aquarium which allows temperature in plastic bag to become in equilibrium with temperature in aquarium. Add tetra safestart and place fish into aquarium.
  • Cover the Aquarium with hood and turn on the lights.
  • First Feeding and Control: feeding should be done after tetra fishes have adapted to their environment.

Tank Size

Beginners should start with providing their tetra fish, large aquarium of about 20 gallon to provide them with enough space to grow and thrive. Large volume of water ensures easy maintenance of balance of environment.

An aquarium with small size will show frequent variations in water quality and parameters like temperature and pH level which can be harmful for your tetra fish.

Tetra Tank Mates

Tetra fish are known to exist in variety of colors like red, blue and black . Mix of different types of tetra fish in a community tank is a must watch behavior of tetra fish. Their behavior may be described as follows:

  • Schooling fish: tetra fish prefer small groups of single same species. You should ensure that you have a school of six small fishes together.
  • Adding other species of tetra in community tank also works well.
  • Friendly: tetras are observed to be friendly with fishes of different species that are similar in size and activity.


Tetra SafeStart helps to start aquarium from the beginning by adding good bacteria required to break fish waste and start filtration and eliminates need to wait for many weeks for tank to cycle.


Filtration is a important part of keeping fish. An aquarium filter works by keeping water conditions clean and healthy and also maintains aquarium by processing solid, biological and dissolved waste.

Solid waste is removed by mechanical filtration, dissolved waste by chemical filtration and biological waste is removed by biological filtration.

Wisper Filter PF10

Tetra Whisper PF10 power filtration removes waste mechanically, biologically and chemically. Hence, it is a type of three in one filter.

  • Mechanical Filter removes solid waste.
  • Chemical Filterremoves dissolved waste.
  • Biological Filterremoves biological waste.

Tetra FS3060

  • The Tetra FS3060 is a perfect filtration system for 30 to 60 gallon tank. It is multi-stage filtration system that provides you with continuous flushing action maximizing oxygenation and water agitation.



Submersible Aquarium Heaters

Measuring water temperature periodically is very important and its failure may result in death of your tetra fish. Hence, Submersible Aquarium Heaters are used which are technologically advanced in monitoring water temperatures. It gives real time and accurate temperature readings.



A biotope is an aquarium set up to simulate natural habitat. In biotype aquarium, every type of environment condition is similar to natural habitat.

Parasite guard

Parasite guard includes tablets for the the treatment of fish parasites. These tablets dissolve very fast and is considered as a fast remedy for variety of internal and external fish parasites.

Tetra parasite guard eliminates need for measuring or scooping  powder or liquid medicine. This guard removes external and internal parasites such as flukes, lice, anchor worm,

internal worms and flagellates like hexemita or spironucleus linked and related to hole-in-the-head disease.  Parasite guard also protects tropical aquarium fish from secondary infections. It works efficiently  without any need of raising water temperature.

Algae control

Algae control provides solution to control algae in ornamental ponds full of plants and tetra fish. It is very efficient and is used to combat algae blooms, hair algae, string algae and weed in tanks with synthetic liners. Its well concentrated formula is used for the treatment of large amount of water.

Fungus and Ick guard

Ick Guard is a conditioner that is used to quickly clear ick and white spot on freshwater aquarium fish. Ick is the result of changes in aquarium water temperature.

Ick guard also have special and specific ingredients to protect tetra fish from secondary infections.  Aquarium fish fungus treatment is done with the help of fungus guard that treats conditions related to a variety of fungus and bacteria on tropical tetra fish.

It is also used for the treatment of fungus, tail, hemorrhagic septicemia, fin or mouth rot, clamped fins and dropsy.