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Keeping goldfish as a pet comes with great feelings in terms of the joy and liveliness that a goldfish can bring in the aquarium. However, it is unfortunate many goldfish keepers are prone to making a whole lot of mistakes in the sense that they incorrectly feed the goldfish. One of the most common wrongful myths in term of goldfish feeding revolves around the fact that most of us think that goldfish can only thrive by eating goldfish flakes and pellets. Contrary to this wrongful myth or opinion for that matter, goldfish are natural omnivores and eat different types of food while in the wild. It is therefore, highly advisable to mimic what goldfish eat in the wild while still ensuring that you do not overfeed the goldfish; thus ensuring that the goldfish remain healthy and disease free.

The Best Types of Food for Goldfish

A proper Goldfish feeding of goldfish calls for the need of a varied and tasty diet that not only ensure that the goldfish is healthy and disease free, but also kept from any poisonous food that may harm the goldfish. You should always keep in mind that the goldfish is in need of a varied diet that include minerals a mixture of vitamins, as well as lots of fiber. However, most pet stores stock goldfish food that are not rich in fiber, and can lead to constipation problems.

It cannot be doubted that specialized goldfish flakes and granules are the best staple food. This should be ideally supplemented with freshwater shrimp, live Daphna, fresh vegetables and fruits. Additional duck weed, small invertebrates, scalded peas, as well as other food that are rich in carbohydrates is advisable. Keep in mind that any freeze-dried food should be first soaked before being given to the goldfish to avoid digestive problems and upsets. Again, ensure that all the hard vegetables such as carrots, rice and bean are either cooked, chopped or finely peeled before they are given to the goldfish.


What to feed goldfish

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Sinking pellets

Although expensive, different brands of fish pellets are easily found in stores. Just feed your goldfish sinking pellets in order to control protein intake.

Flake Foods

Flake foods are also important for your goldfish because of its nutritional values. You should feed flake or granules

Live food

Goldfish will feed on insect larvae, mosquito larva, daphnia, brine shrimp and blood worms.

Frozen food

Frozen food are a bit expensive but can be kept for long. Unfreeze the amount that you intend to feed the fish. Frozen foods are better because freezing kills most of the germs.


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How much to feed?

One thing that a goldfish owner should not worry about is about starving the goldfish. You should feed your fish two or three times a day. This should be under the rule of feeding your Goldfish the amount of food that it can consume in two minutes. In other words, you should feed your fish the feed that that is as much as the size of the goldfish’s eye.


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The Problem of Overfeeding

Overfeeding is one of the most common mistakes that goldfish keepers do. Overfeeding your goldfish will not only contaminate the tank with the excess food, but will also lead to blocked intestines that is ultimately not a good sign considering that your goldfish will have swim bladder problems. This is evident when the goldfish swims upside down and tends to hang at the surface of the aquarium. In this regard, it is also advisable to remove all the uneaten food to ensure that the aquarium is not polluted.


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How long can a goldfish live without eating?

You may be planning for a holiday and maybe wondering how your goldfish can survive when your are not around. It has been proven that goldfish can take around 8 days to two weeks without food and still be fine. Therefore, you should only ask a friend or a neighbor to feed your goldfish if you are planning to be away for longer than two weeks.


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